The Original Tank Tops (Domestic Shipping Included In Price)
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As an option, you can select any of our great quotes from below to be printed on your shirt front.

Gilden 100% cotton

B 01 I’m from Daytona Beach, what’s your excuse?
B 02 we must first, kill all the lawyers
B 03 you are known by the company you keep
B 04 buy the ticket, take the ride
B 05 round up the usual suspects
B 06 nobody is perfect
B 07 a boy’s best friend is his mother
B 08 another mess I got into
B 09 it wasn’t my fault
B 10 I was thrown under the bus
B 11 stupid is as stupid does
B 12 the game ain’t worth playing no more
B 13 deny it, even if they have pictures
B 14 lie, deny, make counter claims
B 15 flawed and fabulous, perfect doesn’t exist
B 16 doing a favor got me into this
B 17 I was out but they pulled me back in
B 18 never give up on someone
B 19 never take an angry woman for granted
B 20 some people don’t find my humor amusing
B 21 I was judged by one not having their act together
B 22 Mother; will love you unconditionally
B 23 I have an image to keep
B 24 I ain’t runnin on all cylinders
B 25 this doesn’t happen to me every day
B 26 I thought I thought of everything
B 27 it was just another day in paradise
B 28 it was funny as a fart on a submarine
B 29 I never knew baloney was served so many ways
B 30 next time bring the ‘soap on a rope’
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The Original Tank Tops (Domestic Shipping Included In Price)

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